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The Owner…

Seafood is the only business I have ever known.  As a kid growing up in San Francisco’s North Beach Fisherman’s Wharf, with my family in the seafood business, I was drawn to the Wharf like a moth to the light. It started At 7 or 8 years old, skipping school a lot, I was at Fisherman’s Wharf every day. Either fishing under the pier and taking my catch to Chinatown to sell at the sweat shops in the morning and back down there at night shining the shoes of the tourists. I enjoyed making money and helping my family out. I bought my first commercial fishing boat in 1976 and I have been at it ever since.  Fishing for King salmon, Dungeness crab and long lining for rock fish. I Worked with my uncle Joe at United Shell Seafood Co. on pier 47 until I took over and we became old wharf smokehouse. My wife Trudy and I had four beautiful children Sal, Nick, Joe, and Anna who all spent a lot of time growing up with the business and now we are a family that works together.

From San Francisco, we eventually moved north to Santa Rosa and started a retail store as well as doing farmers markets providing the North Bay with the largest and freshest selection of seafood.  We source our products locally as well as all over the world, we hand cut all of our fish to assure the quality of our product is top notch. We hope you come by and visit our store and meet my family. Try some of our homemade smoked salmon. You will be glad you did!

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Santa Rosa Seafood

Specializing in fresh caught fish and seafood, crab cooked at the market, and BBQ oysters, Santa Rosa Seafood features the largest fresh, local, and exotic sushi grade seafood & shellfish selection. Depending on the season, local fishes include petrale, flounder, lingcod, red rock snapper, sable/black cod, sand dabs, sea bass, swordfish, and Dungeness Crab. Try some of our sumptuous salmon – fresh grilled at the market and oh-so-delicious.

Owner Mike Svedise and his family operate the business using their own fishing boats. The family prepares the fish too: fish are available in whole and fillet form. You can even call in special orders to have special or large requests ready for you.